Chinese Banquet

There is a vast range of dishes which could comprise a small selection or a banquet of up to 12 dishes. All the recipes are designed by the chef and are made to his own recipes sourced from his extensive travels and experience.

Chinese dishes

The art of Chinese cuisine is the versatility and diversity of the ingredients. The Asian ability to use almost every part of the meat and fish means that the senses are astonished by the look and taste of the food. The head chef Tony has travelled widely through Asia, from dining on a bamboo raft on the river Kwai to sharing wonderful simple food in a long house in the Borneo jungle. These experiences have given him a sense of adventure when cooking and the dishes he prepares can not be found in a "take away", they are authentic recipes of his own devising.


Chinese BanquetHot and sour soup

Lotus root soup

Ground prawn cakes with spicy sauce

Steamed pork balls

Sizzling chicken strips with chilli sauce

Steamed Chinese vegetables in oyster sauce

Crispy Peking duck and plum sauce

Main dishes and accompaniments

Shredded lamb and spring onions

Chilli chicken (very hot!)

Beef and peppers with black beans

Cantonese sticky sweet and sour pork

Thai green or red curry (fish, chicken or beef)

Honey chicken and beansprouts

Scallops in ginger sauce

Monkfish coated with rice noodles

Pork spare ribs in sesame and honey sauce

Boiled, egg fried or special fried rice

Soft or crispy fried noodles

Pak Choi and courgette stir fry

Potatoes with chilli sauce